SUGAR BABY, A Novel by Allison Rose Phelan 🌹🥀

SUGAR BABY NOVEL COVER by Allison Rose Phelan

Sugar Baby, A Novel is an erotic, romantic, fast-paced crime-thriller that will take you on a wild ride through the voice and eyes of a provocative and adorable young lady who may also just be a potentially deadly serial killer. Introducing: 20-something ANGELICA MERCEDES, A.K.A., the most lovable and innocent femme-fatale you’ve ever met. EVERYONE falls for Angelica, especially all the guys and girls she terrorizes.

Forever seeking to heal issues towards her long-lost real daddy, Angelica also has a major thing for sugar daddies, as well as a major problem with anyone who might get IN BETWEEN her and her sugar daddies. This is especially true with HYDE HYATT, her first true love and her first true sugar daddy billionaire. Oh my! But WAIT: Don’t get the wrong idea, people! It isn’t ALL about the money!

It’s only maybe HALF about the money. The rest? That’s all about FUN, CONTROL, DANGER, LUST and LOVE…

Are you READY??

SUGAR BABY, A Novel will creep into your beds and bank accounts on JULY 2ND, 2018.

Get AHEAD of the game and PREORDER on AMAZON, iBOOKS, or BARNES & NOBLE.

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